Escort work in Israel

A beautiful and educated girl will not be left without work - this is the truth, confirmed by years and experience of many beautiful ladies. Why not make money with your appearance, while enjoying life, not worrying about housing and having an extensive wardrobe? This seems like a fairy tale or suspicion, but such work does exist.

How to become an escort model in Israel and what to do?

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Escort work in Israel brings the girls a rather big income - from 8 to 12 thousand dollars a month. At the same time, cozy and comfortable housing is paid for by the employer, and the model is provided with respectful warm attitude from both the agency staff and the employer.

From a girl who wants to get a dream job, a pleasant well-groomed appearance and ability to look after herself, as well as knowledge of English at a basic level, is standardly required. It is also desirable to have a professional portfolio - it can be done on the spot, but the girl herself pays for this service, and in the home country it will definitely be cheaper.

Usually, agencies look to escort girls from 18 to 30, but if a girl is older and at the same time looks great and has additional talents, such as knowledge of several foreign languages, she can count on working in the state.

The services she provides are strictly escort, that is, escort clients to any events. These are usually diplomats, oligarchs, businessmen who know the value of their money and time. They want a confident, well-dressed and moderately relaxed companion to be near, as the protocol of most important events requires. In addition, a wealthy man is simply pleased to demonstrate his success, and nothing will do it better than a beautiful girl.

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The model agency does not require from its employees the provision of intimate services, but if the client and his companion liked each other and felt a mutual attraction, they can make a separate agreement, the rules do not prohibit it.

The advantages of escort work in Israel

A good agency always carefully checks its customers, so that models have nothing to worry about - they are completely safe and protected. In addition, they come to the events on a car rented by the employer, which also takes them from there.

But such security measures are in general unnecessary, since the Israelis are traditionally gallant in relation to the fair sex and never allow themselves to be superfluous. The client does only what is stipulated by the agreement, without offending a wonderful companion.

Moreover, in this country there are far fewer women than men, so they are literally worth their weight in gold. Escort work in Israel is so profitable also because it is much more difficult to find an attractive young companion to help emphasize the status of business partners than you can imagine. And Slavic girls who are ready to provide escort for the business person or diplomat for the evening, can count on the best conditions.

Any model will feel most comfortable with satellites, which in no case considers its accompaniment as a thing (which many fear). No, she will fully experience the gallantry of the Israelites, which has become the talk of the town.

A good-natured and conscientious companion will be generously rewarded - often, in addition to payment, which is usually divided between the girl and the modeling agency in half, she also receives generous tips, which remain with her in full. No wonder work in the promised land looks so attractive!

Vacation + work - pleasant with useful

Some model agencies are ready to accept female employees on a temporary basis - for example, if a model wants to spend a couple of summer months in Israel and at the same time work, she is likely to meet.

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Such contracts have their own conditions, which are stipulated additionally, but on the whole this is really a wonderful pastime: the girl will enjoy socializing with rich and well-mannered people, dress beautifully, try various delicacies and have fun. And all this - with the prospect of receiving a substantial amount, which not only pays for the vacation, but also allows you not to worry about money.

Many models, having tried themselves as temporary employees, decide to stay in a beautiful and hospitable country. Escort work in Israel really looks like a fairy tale - it’s hard to refuse seductive prospects, because youth is the time when you can and should enjoy life, and not waste your time on tedious and uninteresting activities. This is especially true of beautiful girls who dream of a beautiful pastime and a secure future.

Working in an escort will allow them not to depend on anyone, to get a lot of useful contacts, and even - who knows? - stay in Israel forever. In fact, this requires not so much - a pleasant appearance, the ability to present oneself and the willingness to help your companion to demonstrate themselves from the best side.


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